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  • Title: Finwest Home - Finwest
    Descriptive info: .. 12/10/2013, 09:11 GMT.. Time is now 11:11 in Finland.. In Western Finland it's easy to escape the workaday world.. A bracing climate, lush natural surroundings and good food provide instant relaxation.. Refreshing active holidays, luxurious spa treatments and a laid-back atmosphere enhance your sense of well-being and ensure that you'll have a truly satisfying holiday.. Set aside some time for yourself and your loved ones, take a deep breath and relax!.. In Western Finland there's plenty to do and experience  ...   is easy as 1-2-3.. Pristine sand beaches, wide-ranging activities and an unbeatable price-quality ratio make the West Coast a dream family holiday destination.. In the spring, summer and autumn Western Finland offers exceptional opportunities for trekking and outdoor pursuits of every stripe.. The varied terrain offers the perfect setting for backpacking, running, mountain biking and climbing.. Or, you can spend the days golfing, swimming or windsurfing.. Surfers will find plenty of challenging conditions long into the autumn.. Finwest.. -.. Powered By.. Anvia..

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  • Title: Travel Trade - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Peaceful Relaxation.. Great Experiences.. Wild and Free.. Travel Trade.. Interested to organize package tours to Finwest area as a tour operator? Contact us!.. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).. Name *.. Street address.. Zip.. City.. Country.. Email *.. Comments *.. Finwest ry.. Site is under construction.. If you have any questions or you are in a need of information please contact:.. kaisa-leena.. korhonen@fememare.. fi..

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  • Title: How to get there - Finwest
    Descriptive info: How to get there.. Both Finland and its West Coast have an excpetionally wide range of connections.. Holidaymakers can come comfortably and safely by air, sea, rail or road.. Travel within the region has also been made as convenient and flexible as possible.. Wishing you a relaxing holiday!.. By ferry.. By train.. By bus.. By car.. By plane..

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  • Title: Peaceful Relaxation - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Set aside some time for yourself and your loved ones, take a deep breath and relax!.. As a region the West Coast is a simple alternative not only for those wanting to slow down and take it easy, but also those looking for a little excitement and new sources of inspiration for their holiday.. Western Finland's nature and landscapes alone will contribute to your achieving a complete sense of well-being.. Sauna has long been considered the cornerstone of Finnish well-being.. The sauna is a place for bathing, washing and spending time in good company.. It is a place where you can talk over the day's events and tackle life's big questions.. One of the most important aspects of a proper sauna is taking care of both the body and the mind.. At spas sauna and swimming are enhanced by massages and  ...   traditional fare and delicacies of the banquet table.. An essential part of having fun in Western Finland is the wide variety of music and dance on offer.. The largest and oldest Nordic folk music and folk dancing events encompasses the full spectrum of music, from Finnish folk music to jazz, blues, country, rock and pop music, from hot salsa to theatre music, operettas, choral music and even karaoke.. Even if your own footwork isn't fancy enough to keep up with hard- driving rhythms and your hips won't do what you want them to, there's no need to worry.. You can also find other relaxing ways to move in places other than the dance floor.. Some worthwhile activities are boating, fishing, backpacking in the archipelago and various safaris.. Different types of treks and nature outings are also popular with visitors and locals alike..

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  • Title: Great Experiences - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Bask in Finland's warmest sunshine, splash in the refreshing waves of the sea and, when you need a change from the beach life, head inland to one of the numerous spas, amusement parks or zoos.. You're bound to fall in love with the Western Finland lifestyle and its relaxed holiday culture!.. The West Coast is renowned for its pleasant climate and pristine, beautiful seascapes.. In the summer months Finland's hottest sun, crystal clear sea and brilliant white sand will ensure the visitor's complete relaxation.. In many places your tanning and splashing can be supplemented by the challenges of swimming and sailing school or on the beach volleyball court.. Water and amusement parks are long-standing summer favourites.. The more adventurous family members will get their fill of excitement on wild  ...   to enjoy bright, sunny light and warmth.. Countryside holidays is an experience for the whole family.. Nature, bicycling and lunch outings in the countryside or playing hide-and- seek among the tall, red-ochred buildings bring a whole new type of fun to the day.. Nature is closer than in the cities and new experiences are easier to discover.. Zoos and petting farms will provide the visitor with plenty of interesting stories to tell at home.. Finding accommodations in Western Finland is easy.. There is a wide variety of options from which to choose, ranging from high-profile hotels to various cottage and camping facilities.. Most places also offer the opportunity to stay on family-owned farms, enjoy overwhelming hospitality and learn about daily life in the region and the culture of Western Finland..

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  • Title: Wild And Free - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Wild And Free.. Hop in a boat or put on your skis and head off on an unforgettable holiday adventure.. For the active holidaymaker, the West Coast is truly an irresistible proposition.. The region's widely varying nature provides the setting for countless activities, with plenty to do twenty-four hours a day.. All you have to do is choose the activity, with everything from fishing and canoeing to alpine skiing and nature treks.. In the winter the same terrain is transformed into ski trails and alpine pistes.. Skating, ice angling and ice hole swimming on the frozen bodies of water are a daily treat.. The various types of safaris on offer are popular throughout the year.. The region's most idyllic coastal villages and fishing villages can best be seen by bicycle.. Cruises and fishing trips, especially in the desert beauty of the outer archipelago,  ...   spring thaw cranks up the level of challenge for whitewater paddlers.. For those seeking a more sedate waterborne experience, the same region boasts excellent fishing.. A memorable West Coast experience can also be had in autumn's berry and mushroom forests.. In wetland marshes and on rock faces you'll see flora and fauna not found anywhere else.. The region is especially good for birdwatching.. The spring spectacle of migrating birds has a starring line-up that you won't see anywhere else in Finland.. Some of the bird species are seldom seen anywhere in Europe.. Backpacking trails wind their way through nature preserves, old growth areas and national parks.. And if you also want to get a good workout while out in nature, the terrain is perfect for trail running.. The natural variations in terrain height make trekking enjoyable and inspiring to both beginners and seasoned ramblers..

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  • Title: Tourist Offices - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Tourist Offices.. RAUMA REGIONAL TOURIST OFFICE.. Valtakatu 2, FIN-26100 RAUMA, Tel +358 (0)2 8378 7731, Fax +358 (0)2 8378 7741.. matkailu@rsk.. Read more.. PORI REGIONAL TOURIST AGENCY MAISA.. The Promenade center, Yrjönkatu 17, 28100 Pori, Tel.. +358 (0)2 621 7900, Fax +358 (0)2 621 7919.. info@maisa.. SATAKUNTA TOURIST.. Pohjoisranta 11 D, Box 260, 28101 Pori.. Tel +358 (0)2 620 4378, Fax +358 (0)2 620  ...   722 6401,.. SOUTH OSTROBOTHNIA TOURIST SERVICE LTD.. Matkakeskus, Valtionkatu 1 60100 Seinäjoki.. +358 6 420 9090 fax +358 6 420 9092.. matkailu@epmatkailu.. VAASA TOURIST OFFICE.. Raastuvankatu 30, 65101 Vaasa.. +358 (0)6 325 1145, fax 325 3620,.. touristinfo@vaasa.. BOTNIA TOURIST.. Raastuvankatu 30, 65100 Vaasa.. +358-(0)6-325 1125, Fax.. +358-(0)6-312 5833.. office@botniatourist.. com.. KALAJOKI TOURIST INFORMATION.. Jukupolku 5, 85100 Kalajoki.. + 358 (0) 8 4666 55.. matkailuinfo@kalajoki..

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  • Title: Photo gallery - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Photo gallery..

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  • Title: Download FinWest area brochures! - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Download FinWest area brochures!.. FinWest general brochure.. Download Pdf:.. English.. Deutsch.. Svenska.. Norsk.. Russian.. Car touring.. English / Deutsch.. RG Line brochure Umeå-Vasa.. Suomi / Svenska.. Look at Oulu.. 7 Bridges Archipelago.. Satakunta.. French.. Kalajoki.. Holiday in Ostrobothnia.. Suomeksi.. (Verkkojulkaisu)..

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  • Title: By ferry - Finwest
    Descriptive info: 12/10/2013, 09:13 GMT.. Time is now 11:13 in Finland.. You can even start enjoying that holiday mood on the way to your destination.. Taking a few hours by boat makes your holiday longer and more relaxing.. Aboard Superfast, you can travel conveniently from Rostock to Hanko, while RG Line will take you from Umeå to Vaasa.. On the Baltic's largest car ferries, Silja Line and Viking Line, you can move easily from Stockholm to Helsinki, Turku and Tallinn.. Silja Line also has direct connections from St Petersburg to Helsinki and from Kapellskär to Turku.. Set sail for a relaxing holiday in  ...   Gute are cancelled on Kaskö-Härnösand ferry line.. First departure from Härnösand is 26.. 2009 at 12:00.. VAASABÅTARNA - VAASANLAIVAT.. Vaasa - Uumaja.. The fastest all year-round sea route between Finland and Sweden.. Reservations easily online.. FINNLINES.. Finnlines is one of the largest European shipping companies specialising in liner cargo services.. Finnlines also provides passenger services on some of the routes.. TALLINK SILJA.. Tallink Silja is the leading passenger shipping company carrying yearly more than 5 million passengers.. Tallink Silja, the most luxurious and biggest operator in the Baltic Sea, operates cruise, passenger and cargo traffic with 8 ships on 7 routes..

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  • Title: By train - Finwest
    Descriptive info: Setting out on your journey couldn't be simpler, when you know that eastern Finland has extensive rail connections both within the region and without.. VR Finnish State Railways offer some 260 long-distance runs every day.. Aboard the high-profile Pendolino, InterCity and express trains, you'll be able to enjoy a  ...   even get a good night's sleep.. If desired, you can also catch Finnish trains in Viborg and St Petersburg.. To make things even easier for you at your destination, you can transport your own car on the train.. For additional information on routes, timetables and fares, visit:.. www.. vr..

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